Lake Union Headquarters
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Diana Bruch - high resolution image coming soon
Adventist Community Services and Disaster Response coordinator
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Gary Burns 
Communication director
Lake Union Herald editor
Native Ministries director
Prayer Ministry coordinator
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Jon Corder
Associate Terasurer
Stewardship director
Trust Services
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Linda Fuchs
Education Director
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Randy Griffin
Adventist Community
Health Initiative director
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Ruth Horton
Education Associate director
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Barbara Livesay
Women's Ministry
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Don Livesay



Lance Mack
IT Associate Director
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Carmelo Mercado
Vice President
Multicultural Ministry
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Debbie Michel
Communication Associate Director
Herald Managing Editor

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Nicholas Miller
PARL Director
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Richard Moore
Associate Treasurer
Accounts Payable

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Sean Parker
IT Director
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Glynn C. W. Scott

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Maurice Valentine
Executive Secretary

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Ron Whitehead
Youth Ministry Director
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